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Shax Needle Art Studio

Shax-Needle Art Studio, Opp. Bata Showroom
Hall Bazar, Amritsar, Pin Code: 143001
Phone: +91 987-877-4882

The SHAX - Needle Art Studio, Opp. Bata Showroom, Hall Bazar, Amritsar, Pin Code: 143001
Phone: +91 987-877-4882 Email: helliotic69@gmail.com

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Our Studio

Our History

We started in 2011 and being experienced we have step to step guidelines, methods, technical approach and many hidden secrets about tattooing which helps for our customers to make ideal design. There are lot many hidden details which we apply during tattooing few things we always learn just by your presence in the studio, so its not possible to explain on paper what whole design will cover. We have super specialty to design Professional,amateur,modern and cosmetic tattoos.

How We Work

First I register the style… more cartoon or more aggressive. I need to fit that style once I know the idea, then I need to know the body part to prepare a composition or to design a different one. It depends on the location of the design. Another step would be to seek for the fluidity and composition of the design marking me a block and go carving it with the pencil to achieve the goal, and finally I would look and think in an atmosphere to determine about the colors and execute different color stories.

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Our Artist

Patrick Tattoomaker

Sarang Bedi Tattooist

Tribal and Modern Tattoos
Hello! I’m really glad to say about my work.After 6 years of long journey I studied lots of colors and chromatic circles which helped me to learn complementary colors and their values when running any paint or tattoo.Most of my knowledge about colors comes from graffiti. I think good color control comes from knowing all your options and how to execute good contrast. The way to do this mainly is to paint a lot and try many different ways in color as techniques. I get inspired by a lot of artists that I get to see every day on social networks, as it is a very rich source of ideas and motivational.

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